PLease List: OHHMS//Old Man Lizard//Cattle//Eagleburner. Santiagos. 20.02.15

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  1. Big Spaceship Presents:

    Freshly added to the ever expanding Holy Roar roster, Ohhms bring the epic riff to their veritable palette.
    Here is what Holy Roar have to say about their new release 'Bloom'.

    Just two tracks make up this release, clocking in at a combined 32 (!) minutes. They fuse together elements of doom, post-metal, prog and psychedelia in stunning clarity and power thanks to Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios and Brad Boatright at Audiosiege mastering. Breathtaking macro minimalistic artwork courtesy of Black Sails Design more than ably demonstrates the concept of both the record and intent of this band. This is nuanced, controlled anger that knows when to lurk in dark recesses, and when to viscerally bare its teeth.

    If this leaves you none the wiser, then settle in for this undulating auditory journey. In simple terms – this is a new form of mature heavy music without ever losing an undercurrent that crackles with a distinct energy.

    Their new release 'Bloom' is out now.

    Big Spaceship favourites OML are back in Leeds to give us their acid tinged stoner ballads of nature jaunts, roadkill and David Attenborough. Their last visit saw them support Blacklisters at the Packhorse, safe to say they absolutely smashed it. Don't miss these guys, for a 3-piece, they rock harder than Harvey Milk with grooves smoother than Neil Young's prose on a Whiskey binge.
    Listen to their most recent album 'Lone Wolf vs Brown Bear' here:

    Two drums, one basses, one vocalsls. Psychedelic Sludge from Leeds.

    Travelling with OML, all the way from Hampshire, we have Eagleburner. Mixing the intensity of Unsane with the noise of early Amrep bands, Eagleburner emit a kind of rock music unlike any other. Multi-layered, expansive and undeniably heavy. Kind of like if Qui had a bassist and then got the guy from Moloch to sing.

    Santiago Bar
    Doors 7:30pm
    £3 adv / £5 door

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