Please list gig: ANTA/ELIZABETH/M.O.E./CATTLE. packhorse. 051214

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  1. BIG SPACESHIP Presents and evening of beastly tone and sonic exploration of the cosmic order....

    4-piece doom-prog giants from Bristol. For those of you that have seen them before in Leeds, you know what to expect, for those of you that haven't...prepare yourself for a saturated tonal assault on your ears and mind. Anta's music is not of this plain, existing somewhere between our inner mind and the far reaches of the cosmos. Live, Anta are incredibly heavy, evil, beautiful, mesmerising and above all LOUD as HELL. From influences ranging from the Kraut meanderings of Neu!, to the jazz prog of Magma to the thundering doom of Electric Wizard. Anta invoke a plethora of musics to achieve their sound. Overall culminating in a mighty, tone-rich doomscape that wouldn't sound out of place as the soundtrack of an Alejandro Jodorowsky film.
    Anta have played shows with Mugstar, Trans Am, Chrome Hoof, Thought Forms and Bardo Pond including many festival appearances since their conception in the late 2000s.
    Their first album 'The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit' was met with critical acclaim and was a favourite in the Big Spaceship camp. Since then they have released a second album entitled 'Centurionaut'. The album was released in June last year on the band’s own Thrones & Dominions label on boutique heavyweight gatefold vinyl, via their webshop at: Mmm tasty.

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    Yet another musical love-child of Andy Abbotts inexhaustible well of inspiration. Elizabeth is a solo project sometimes exploring the harmonic and tonal qualities of the 12-string guitar. Sometimes journeying through beautiful droning electro-acoustic sonic scapes and sometimes meeting back at a pensive crossroad of meandering Leo Kottke finger-picking and pentangle cadences. Hear some of his recordings and download for free via the Obscene Baby Auction bandcamp:

    Listen here:

    Bristol power trio M.O.E. sculpt melodic passages with dense polyrhythmic noodlings and math rock eccentricities. Much like the polyphonic sound of Manchester band Cleft's guitar tone, M.O.E. weave these powers toward much more epic and progressive territories. They played this year's ArcTangent Festival with much acclaim, be sure to catch them.

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    Cattle are noise rock harbingers of doom, churning out sludgy bass that thunders over the tribal war drums of the band's two drummers. Accompanied by howling vocals, Cattle blend blistering hardcore and sludgy noise rock to create a visceral live set that will keep your bones shaking into the latest hours of the evening.


    At The Packhorse Pub

    £3 adv / £5 door

    Doors 19:30


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