please list this gig - Victor Herrero/Family Elan Qawwali - 4th June

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    Wednesday 4th June
    Fuse Art Space

    Victor Herrero (solo, ESP)
    Dazzling maestro of the Spanish and Portuguese guitars - both radically different in sound and construction, and all round top bloke, Victor makes a well overdue visit to Bradford. Introduced to music in his childhood while living in the famous monastery Franco erected in a mountain valley west of Madrid (El Valle de los Caídos), Victor Herrero learned to sing Gregorian and Mozarabic chant under the guidance of Benedictine monks. Joining the abbey’s well-respected boys’ choir he performed across Europe and was featured in the soundtrack and as an extra in the Belgian cult film ‘Farinelli’ (Gérard Corbiau, 1994). Around this time he began studying the classical guitar. As a teenager back in his hometown Toledo he formed a psych-rock outfit called ‘Cicely’, which grew into a popular Madrid-based band. The group lasted 8 years. Following this break-up Victor recorded and released an album of his solo piano compositions (“Connotaciones para Piano”) under his old stage name ‘Victor Cicely’, which was put out by the Spanish label SGAE in 2006. Shortly after this period Victor began collaborating with North American artist Josephine Foster. Victor's music embodies different styles which have all formed a part of his experience—classical, folkloric and contemporary threads— all united under the strong influence of traditional musica Andaluz.

    The Five Stars Family Elan Qawwal & Party

    Having arrived in Bradford three days prior to the performance Victor will join Chris Hladowski (The Family Elan) and some configuration of Bradford's finest Pakistani qawwali musicians (Hameed Brothers Qawwal & Party/Tazeem Gul), alongside Sagir Ali Khan and Janghir Khan - hereditary musicians from Jhelum, currently based in Manchester - for a continuation of the ongoing experimental collaboration between the artists, the first of a number of installments scheduled over Summer/Autumn 2014.

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    Fuse Art Space
    5-7 Rawson Place
    BD1 3QQ

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