Please list this gig - Ian Nagoski: 100 Moons - Wed 23rd April

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    Wednesday 23rd April
    @ Fuse Art Space, Bradford
    7pm (finishes well before last trains to Leeds etc)
    Free entry

    Ian Nagoski: 100 Moons: Stories of Great Forgotten Musicians and the Boundaries of Humanness from 78rpm Records

    Ian Nagoski’s label Canary Records (pressed and distributed by the excellent Mississippi Records) reissues early 20th century recordings in languages other than English. In the past year, he has published acclaimed collections of Hindustani classical vocal music (100 Moons and Kesarbai Kerkar 1944-54), Greek urban folk music (Rita Abatzi - 1933-37), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Widow’s Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances, 1925-30), and published writing in Yeti, Sound American, Ephemerotera Quarterly and The Wire.

    'Lecture' may seem too formal a term for something so immersive and transporting as one of Ian's 90-minute explorations of the music he unearths, exploring its social/cultural roots and routes. Ian shares his love of his findings both in words and by listening to and discussing various carefully chosen shellac gems with you.

    "His work is so rare and important that it should almost be treated as a ritual object, a pathway to the past and a voice for ghosts of a forgotten part of American musical history."
    - Nate Wooley, Sound American

    "Nagoski is a Walter Benjamin visionary, using his collection of 78s to hallucinate a history that actually happened but which remains hidden beneath official dogma and nationalisms.”
    - Marcus Boon, the Wire

    ”I was entranced; I was FASCINATED. It is one of the most worthwhile purchases you will make this year. I went and got mine; I think you should, too.”
    - Henry Rollins, KCRW

    “Ian Nagoski’s To What Strange Place is a work of great beauty.”
    - Jace Clayton / DJ/rupture, WFMU

    BD1 3QQ

    tel: 01274 730926

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