Hard rock from oakland, California: OVVL + support. Santiagos. 12.12.13

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  1. Big Spaceship Presents an evening of 70s drenched riff pie.

    OWL (Oakland, US)
    Owl hail from an area of America that has birthed some iconic bands from Sleep to Comets On Fire to Kyuss and Dead Kennedys. The Californian influence on today's music is massive, from the recent psych revival to hardcore punk and surf/garage rock present in so many new bands. Owl present a different ideal, still retrospective and psych-y, but sounding more like Sir Lord Baltimore or Spooky Tooth than Jefferson Airplane. From Rush-style widdling to early-Sabbath worshipping doom in the drop of a hat.
    They have toured extensively in the US, their infamous live show has journeyed through more than 100 venues (without a booking agent - good lads (and lass)). Be sure to catch this band on their first European tour, with their fresh enthusiasm and untainted spirit. Their first LP was a split label release with Magick Hermit and Lummox records in limited quantity in November 2012. They will have a new record by the end of this year which we at BS are very eager to hear.


    Support to be confirmed...

    At Santiagos, Leeds.

    £5 in

    Thurs 12th Dec

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