ANTA / PIGSHACKLE / SUNWOLF @ Santiagos. SAT 3rd Aug. Free

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  1. Big Spaceship presents an evening of delectable tones in the key of prog:

    Back again aboard the spaceship are ANTA, an instrumental 4-piece from Bristol that emanate heavy yet beautiful waves of sonic pleasure. Half of them forming the rhythm section to Rose Kemp's band a few years ago, these guys have been well oiled since. Anta present great slabs of harmonically rich passages that bring pain and triumph to the listener. A monumental, towering sound that has scattered cosmic debris since 2007's "The Tree That Bore The Equine Fruit". Anta return with a new album entitled "Centurionaut"; more riff, more expanse, a[/code][/code]nd most importantly..more Anta.

    “ANTA lay on riffs like seismic plates then throw them around like drunken Gods at a birthday party. These are truly the children of King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Sleep and Isis.” – The Cube, Bristol

    “Properly monumental, like vast granite wheels implacably grinding human bones” – Venue Magazine

    Also from Bristol, PIGSHACKLE bring with them their schizophrenic melee of Zappa infused prog. PS have a sound that is very hard to pin down, having such a vast range of influences. Their music serves almost as a giant scythe skimming the tops off musical geniuses' heads and reaching into their skulls in no specific order to harvest the delicious nectar within.
    Pigshackle have a double album out entitled "Unplug The Sun" (Genin Records) and will be promoting it on this tour.


    Leeds based psychedelic drone duo (ex-Ten) emanating oscillations from the valleys of the moors to the chasms of your mind. Mesmerising live show that will leave you shuddering at the massive sound these two guys purvey. Their new album Midnight Moon is out now and can be heard and purchased here:

    Doors 19:30, first band 20:15ish

    Saturday August 3rd
    Free Entry

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