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  1. Big Spaceship and Crangle Hammer present an evening of disparate riffs and drones:

    S T A R V E (Ned)
    A band that will tear all your sensibilities apart with one riff. Hailing from the haze drenched lands of Holland, Starve play stoner infused Sludge influenced by Delta Blues and down tuned riff worshipping akin to Eyehategod, Crowbar, Buzzov*en and Grief.

    They currently have a split 7" out with Agothacles entitled 'Hedwige'.

    C O R R U P T M O R A L A L T A R
    Massive sludgy deposits scraped from the depths of the Mersey's river bed. CMA conjure huge riffs, jarring blasts and sludge ridden grooves. Think Thou meets Alpininst taking a shit on Converge.

    "Relentlessly fast, but also snarky and groovy, CMA are certainly Liverpool's most exciting grind export for many a year."
    - Metal Hammer

    W O E S
    Black Metal/Crust at its finest from these guys hailing from the not too distant Bradford.
    They toy with the fast and slow dynamic, piercing your ears with the spear of d-beat and finishing you off with a pummeling doom blow.
    For fans of Darkthrone, Immortal and Man Is The Bastard.

    C R O M L E C H
    Monolithic doom/drone from Middlesbrough. They escaped the spaceship at our last venture with Limb so we've got em back. This time they'll will stay firmly in our grasp. Expect painfully loud amps, wails from cavernous tomes of the ancients and snail paced drums. Cromlech play doom in its primal sense. Having shared the stage with the likes of Drunk In Hell and Bong in the past, Cromlech are no strangers to the heavy rites of passage.

    F A M I N E
    Festering grind from Leeds. A mixture of arrogant slow-paced trundles with uber fast power-violence. For fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Rorschach. Like if a grindcore band were signed to AmRep.

    @ Santiago's, Leeds.

    Doors 17:00

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  2. This is this sunday!!!!!

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