SEAWEED OF SILK - Zine CDr split w/ Posset (dicta-noise)

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  1. Crow Versus Crow and Posset present... 'Seaweed of Silk'

    A 20pp A5 black & white zine/ 3" CDr release, featuring seven of Crow Versus Crow's multi-layered photocollages, three of Posset's (Fuckin' Amateurs/Chump Tapes) finest dictaphone humps and a collaborative text, housed in a recycled card 'Flack Blag' cover.

    Printed in a single edition of 50 by Footprinters Workers Co-Op of Leeds.

    This release is my own photocollages made in response to Posset's multi-layered dictaphone recordings (several dictaphones played simultaneously - see vid below), mixing various field recordings, snippets of grabbed sounds, vocals and raw naive instrumentation, that, although essentially non-musical and abstract, still manage to retain a grounded organic sound... considered and 'human'. We sent sketches back and forth to each other over a good number of months, responding to each others' development without ever laying down a grande masterplan or verbally discussing our intentions... beyond 'oh wow, that's nice, man' and other similar articulations. It was all raw and honest and really fun to produce.

    Check out some of Posset's other works here

    If you would like a copy then please email crow_vers[email protected].

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