Free Gringo Records compilation feat. lots of Leeds bands

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  1. mattgringo


    Hello there

    I've put a compilation of tracks from new / recent Gringo releases up on Bandcamp which you can download for FREE!

    Please feel free to spread the word - share / tweet etc.

    If you like any of the tracks please purchase some music through Bandcamp (who take a cut) or the Gringo Records online shop (where we make more money!).

    The tracklist is...

    1. LORDS - "Good Dog Bad Dog" from "Everyone Is People"

    2. I'M BEING GOOD - "NanoParty" from "Mountain Language"

    3. THAT FUCKING TANK - "Acid Jam" from "TFT"
    Released early 2012 on CD. Available to pre-order soon

    4. HOOKWORMS - "Teen Dreams" from "Hookworms"

    5. OX SCAPULA - "Taking Liberties" from "Hands Out"

    6.BILGE PUMP - "I Trampled On David" from "The Fucking Cunts Still Treat Us Like Pricks EP"

    7. BROKEN ARM - "The House Rules" from "Negative EP"

    8. SPIN SPIN THE DOGS - "Digging and Driving" from "Leave Me In Leicester"

    9. PART CHIMP - "Big Bird" from "You Decide / Big Bird"

    10. SOE'ZA - "Talking to the Back of His Own Head" from "7 Obstacles"

    11. BILGE PUMP - "The Fuckover" from "Rupert The Sky"

    12. SOUVARIS - "Irrereversible" from "Souvaris Souvaris"

    2012 is Gringo's 15th birhday year and there will be a big party in Nottingham in the summer. Hopefully some of you Leed characters will come down for it.

    Ta ta

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