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  1. Big Spaceship Presents:

    1st October, @ Santiagos Bar, Leeds

    Unrelenting sludgey post-hardcore from Newcastle. These guys have been to Leeds and ripped it up a few times in the past, but that doesn't mean that this time is any different. Their album 'Widow Country' has had a bit of time to sink in since summer last year and with a new split 7" with Leeds metallers End To Empires out now, what better time to release their blood-soaked, raging filth on the city of Leeds once again. If you are a bit shy, and a bit reserved, I would probably leave that behind because by the first song you will be pounding your sodden chest with fist clenched, screaming at your relative counterpart from across the room.
    They have been described as "possibly the closest thing you will ever get to a UK equivalent to Botch".
    'Widow Country' is out now on Shark City Records and the 7" split w/ End To Empires can be purchased via Thirty Days Of Night Records or at the show.

    A bit infamous round these parts, one can only expect wonderfully heavy things from this band. Part mammal, part insect, the Humanfly flies about Leeds as a supersonic vessel zapping unsuspecting individual's hearing ranges through volume and pure tonal intensity. Make sure you don't forget to bring your ear plugs for this one cause its gonna be frickin' loud. Their album 'Darker Later' is out now and can be bought via Brew records or alternatively at the show

    A seemingly insurgent pick of the line up one would think, however, before conclusions are pounced upon, let yourselves writhe around through the multifarious noise-punk-prog wanderings of this band and then decide. An eclectic monster of sorts, surgically enhanced through the diverse tastes and influences ranging from Beefheart and Minutemen (and personally I hear a slight hint of Devo creeping in there). There are many reasons why you need to see this band and no amount of 'pre' and 'post' genre labeling can change that. Their first album 'Brick By Boulder' is out on Ouse now.

    We'll Die Smiling

    The evening will be kicking off at 19:30 with the first band on around 20:00.

    £4 in

    Poster coming soon...!/event.php?eid=267349453290242

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  3. We'll Die Smiling added to the bill::::


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  4. this saturday peeps, next level yeaaah!!!

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