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  1. Hello everyone. I haven't posted on here for ages, but I thought this show may be of interest, it's the first one I've put on for donkey's. I'm trying out a new venue in town, the upshot of this is that if you're hungry Sela serves dead good pizza until midnight. You can combine tea and gig as a Sunday treat if you so desire! Anyway, hope to see some bodies jigging down the front, here are the words:

    Sunday 5th June
    Sela Bar, 20 New Briggate
    £5 OTD
    8pm -12am
    Pizza served all night!

    CAPILLARY ACTION (USA/Natural Selection)
    An ensemble band led by guitarist and composer Jonathan Pfeffer hailing from all sides of America touring their 3rd record 'Capsized' on Natural Selection. Pinning down their sound is tricky as they've progressed through ragged noise, free jazz experimentation and modern composition into an area that somehow melds the cool tempos of Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba music with fuzzed up weird rock and squeezes this banging and clattering into cleverly orchestrated, twisting, turning, all-over-the shop songs performed acoustically on guitar, accordian, double bass, horns, drums and heaps of percussion. Expect this show to be tight as a gnat's chaff as they'll be fresh from Primavera and the 1000 other shows on this tour that has taken them all over the USA and Europe.

    It would be easy to make this little bit of text one long list of projects that Hayward has been involved in over the years and perhaps that is what will happen anyway. Known primarily for his polyrhythmic tinkerings in 70's noise makers This Heat, Hayward has also drubbed away as part of Camberwell Now, Quiet Sun (with Phil Manzanera), Radar Favourites, Blurt and Dolphin Logic as well as sessions for the likes of Gong, The Raincoats, Massacre and even a one-off set with Crass. He is currently involved in a new project called the About Group that features members of Spiritualized and Hot Chip alongside free improviser Pat Thomas and has just released the album 'Start and Complete' on Domino records. Currently Hayward is touring is forthcoming solo record 'One Big Atom', so expect mad skills behind the kit, synth noise and chanting from a very busy man with a very impressive back catalogue.

    Leeds' very own new wave punk masters are so on top of their game at the minute it's ridiculous. A righteous combination of strident big-muff bass, stabs and jabs of pristine angular guitar and sixteenth-heavy drumming, tonked hard. Dancing is nigh-on impossible to resist. I LOVE this band.

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    little clip of Capillary Action's set from Primavera this weekend just gone...

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    And a little clip of a film about Charles...

    This is on Sunday, people!

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