The Last-Ever Party at the Common Place

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  1. eleanor


    The Common Place is closing. For good.

    But before it does, we're having a party. The plan for Saturday 23rd April thus far:

    5 - 7pm: games, acoustic music, poetry, storytelling..., including Matthew Bellwood
    7pm - 8pm: Dinner
    8.30pm - 11ish: Bands, including Cowtown
    11ish - late: DJs

    Anyone with ideas/ offers of performing (who's played at the Common Place before), please get in touch, either here or at [email protected]. Thanks

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  2. eleanor


    Also confirmed: Executive Legs, Deathray DJs.

    No membership gubbins to deal with so everyone welcome!


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  3. eleanor


    Final(ish) lineup looks a little like this...

    //Saturday 23rd April// £2 entry (more for dinner)

    5 – 7pm


    > Matthew Bellwood >> http://www.somestories.co.uk/wp/about

    > Ukulele Bitch Slap >> http://www.myspace.com/ukulelebitchslap

    > Me and My Friends >> http://www.myspace.com/meandmyfriendstheband


    Farewell Feast
    Grab a table and your mates and let’s celebrate 5 years of fine vegan cooking at the Common Place....

    Sample Menu:

    To start: Wild Garlic Pesto, Red Pepper Dip, olives and homemade Foccacia Bread
    Main: Sri Lankan coconut and coriander curry, wild rice and lime & aubergine salad
    Dessert: The Muffin Mountain.....

    Cost: £5/head for all three courses. Less if you don't want everything


    > D Millard

    > Executive Legs

    > Cowtown >> http://cowtown.bandcamp.com/

    + 1 more

    11pm til late

    > Suck My Left One DJs

    > Rachel McWatt

    > Chinchilla DJs

    > Deathray DJs

    > DJ Big Bikkies

    > Violaine

    + more (email [email protected] if you'd like to DJ)

    // Sunday 24th April//

    12 - 2pm

    The Great Clean Up - exactly what it says. It could be fun... And you can have brunch for free!


    Brunch - the final Common Place brunch. Vegan of course. It'll be amazing! And will probably cost £2.50

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