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  1. D I R T Y O T T E R
    present, from the United States of America:

    ----- BIRTHMARK (Hidden Agenda / Polyvinyl Record Co)

    Birthmark is the moniker of Chicago-based musician Nate Kinsella (of the 'Joan Of Arc' collective, 'Make believe' and much of his cousin's solo project 'Owen'). Now with a full band they are coming to the UK with a new album 'Shaking Hands' - an intense, intricate, and sometimes ghostly record. The multi-instrumentalist performed all instruments... on his debut album The Layer, that he began writing over eight years ago with the song 'Flightless Bird'. Over time, the songs were developed to what it is now. Birthmarks songs are beautiful - not necessarily where 'Decembers Architects' left off - but a new realization for Nate - the experimental nature of the band creates an atmosphere that is intimate and appealing. Although compared to his cousins - Birthmark stands out as its own entity - avoiding the shadows of Mike and Tim Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owen, Make Believe, Joan Of Arc etc).

    With Support from:

    ----- Juffage
    Juffage is Jeff T. Smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Leeds, via Chicago

    ----- plus others to be confirmed.

    Listen to the album online:

    Monday 10th January 2011.
    Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 6.

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