100 shows for Haiti all-dayer at The Brudenell, January 8th

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  1. Hello!

    I'm organising an all day fundraiser as part of 100 Shows For Haiti which is basically a set of events and shows happening in different parts of the world between 7th-16th January. The proceeds are going to One Hundred for Haiti and Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees. It's a lovely, and worthy, cause. There's more information if you click on the link!

    The plan is to have arts, crafts, zines and baking stalls/tables (with the table fee going direct to the charity!), vegan food and a raffle with all proceeds from the ticket sales going to the charity. I'm roping in local businesses such as vintage shops, record labels and stall-holders to donate goodies to the raffle!

    People tabling include; Helen at Hello Memo , Jenna Lee Alldread (she's also designing the poster!),Kate Dyer, Fenella Earle, and a collaboration table from the guys at The Birds Yard. I am waiting on a response from Buns and Roses, Reetsweet, Fox Bunting and zine distros.

    There will be some brilliant bands playing in the evening (including Serious Sam Barrett, Pudge and The Lock & keys!) and proceeds from the ticket sales for the show will be going to the charity. As soon as everybody has confirmed and the line-up is complete, the art work is ready for the info. The event is going to be vastly promoted in and around Leeds in shops, at gigs etc., online, in local press, everywhere I can plug it, I will.

    It really is shaping up to be an excellent day and I just wanted to give people a heads up to put 8th January in your diary :)

    I will post confirmed info as and when, trying to move fast!

    Katie x

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  2. If you are interested in tabling at the event, whether you make zines, are an illustrator or a knitter, a cupcake extraordinaire, or just anything crafty! Send me an email at [email protected]. Deadline is 7th December.

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  3. Hiya!

    Is there any bands out there interested in playing this? Had a few change of plans as some bands can't play etc. etc. Confirmed are Serious Sam Barrett, The Lock and Keys and Pudge. Much less than I'd hoped for at this stage!!

    Let me know if you'd be up for it or have a suggestion x

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  4. Quick flyer/mock up as I need to get on with promoting! Come one, come all x

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  5. The Living Daylights
    Hard work punk rock, HWM meets Lincoln

    Serious Sam Barrett
    One man and his bluesy folk from Leeds

    Broken Few
    Melodic rock from Sunderland, former Mercury League and Former Cell Mates

    The Lock & Keys
    Twinkly Leeds pop-punk, ex. D Rail

    Guys and a girl, Superchunk-esque

    The new Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon/Gin band, all the way from Newcastle pet

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  6. Click for bigger version! Drawn by jennaleealldread.blogspot.com.

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  7. This is on Saturday! Craft fair from 1pm, with a quilting demonstration from the gals at Buns and Roses between 2-5pm. Bands from 7pm! Come one, come all. It's four quid! x

    P.S if you use facebook, here is the event link, spread the word :)

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