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  1. griangraf


    this thursday miniciné present Double Take for your consideration!

    Double Take // Dir Johan Grimonprez / 80 mins / 2010

    Hitchcock, doppelgangers, the Cold War and American TV: a complex, conceptual and very enjoyable brew from artist/film-maker Johan Grimonprez.

    Drawing on a surprising parallel between the anxieties of the Cold War and the Master of Suspense in this fusion of documentary and dark comedy. Double Take explores the paranoia of America during the Cold War while using clips of the classic television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents as a commentary on America's mood during the 1950s and 60s. As Grimonprez ponders the symbiotic nature of politics and popular culture, he also presents a fictional narrative (inspired by a short story by Jorge Luis Borges) in which Hitchcock (played by Ron Burrage and voiced by Mark Perry), while on a studio lot, encounters a man who looks exactly like him, a situation that popped up more than once in the great director's films. Hitchcock once said, 'If you meet your double, you should kill him,' but is that advice the great man takes himself? And how do these doubles reflect a world in which fear and nationalism have taken centre stage?

    Showing with the short 'Sonata for Hitler'

    Advanced tickets are available from our website and Jumbo Records

    starts 7pm at the Palace Picture house, Armley Mills, Leeds Industrial Museum.

    more miniciné screenings:
    Bronco Bullfrog // 21 October
    Ajami // 18 November
    Tron // 16 December

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  2. i saw a bit of this film at his exhibition in edinburgh and it was ace. shame this is the same night as the illuminated room at leeds college of art. do you have the film licensed for just one showing? i'd be up for showing it in bradford if not.

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  3. griangraf


    we have the license for just one screening from BFI, that's all we can manage at the moment. it also had a very brief run at the hypde park picture house earlier in the summer. which is a shame for such a good film (if i do say so myself!)

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