Saltaire Cat Map at Saltaire Arts Trail 11/12 and 18/19 Sept

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  1. As part of the Saltaire Arts Trail Andy Abbott and Yvonne Carmichael invite you to an exhibition in their home of a project developed in response to the abundant cats of Saltaire.

    Browse documentation and statistical analyses of results from an intense period of cat observation. Take away Cat Spotting Guides and partake in a self-guided Cat Walk around Saltaire using the specially designed Cat Maps. Those of a competitive nature can partake in a game of Cat Bingo while they’re at it.

    Plus Cat Tat, Cat Vids, Cat Tunes, Cat Literature et cetera.

    Location: 44 Whitlam Street, Saltaire, BD18 4PE. Saltaire is 15 mins on the train from Leeds with trains leaving every half hour on Saturdays and hourly on Sundays (catch the Skipton line).

    Open: Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September, 10am – 5pm

    More information about the project can be found at

    The exhibition is part of Saltaire Art's Trail, more information about which can be found at

    best wishes

    Andy and Yvonne

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  2. katalitic


    This is totally my kinda thing, being a mad cat lady myself. I note you already have a photo of Katy too. Think I will be doing this next weekend for sure :D Any of the Exec Legs cat fans want to come with?

    Posted 7 years ago Link
  3. Martha


    Yeah, next Sunday maybe - hangover permitting - it's Ste's birthday drinks on the Saturday.

    Posted 7 years ago Link
  4. do we have a picture of katy? has she been hanging out in saltaire? or is it a saltairian cat-doppleganger?

    Posted 7 years ago Link

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