drag & drop 8 (halloween 30/10) runners, circuit ben, d'astro + minicine visuals

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  1. circuit





    Entry is £5 on the door!!!!! This time it is not an optional donation - this is a fixed entry fee!!!
    **** No £5, no admission. ****
    Please pass this on to any friends who are coming with you.


    RUNNERS spin a trip-tropical electro vibe over fizzy synth sounds. Listen to the mp3 for echoes of Kling Klang, Zombie Zombie and their current/previous work in Chops, Cowtown and Tigers! Their debut at the last Chinchillafest was one of the highlights of the weekend.
    http://longdistancerunners.wordpress.co ... rosty-mp3/

    THE CIRCUIT BEN REACTION is Circuit Ben, one half of circuit bending duo Wrongbot. Casio keyboards, orgasming electronic gadgets and a hell of a lot of noise, not unlike three Ben Butler songs played at once. In a dustbin. Ben has promised to bring his spookiest, wrongest gadgets to set the scene for Halloween...

    D'ASTRO are Leeds leg-ends with a long history of making FALL/ YUMMY FUR style chaotic-scratchy-angry-groovy-shouty music with occasional shaky eggs and excellent scowling. For one night only Joe Mask of Bilge Pump will be rejoining on guitar.. you will also recognise the voice/ drums of Claire from Beards. With songs about records / things generally being rubbish you know you're going to like them... prepare for a sweaty room full of dancing morons.

    DJing this month:
    Bob & DJ-JD - special Halloween set
    Dicko from Beards/Tigers!/Cissy etc playing two hours of ROCK songs (advance requests welcome but they must have ROCK in the title!!)
    and some others to keep you entertained TBC
    Obscene DJ names still to be decided.

    Projections from Armley cinema crew MINICINE. Halloween decor etc all present and correct.

    This is the last D&D for 2010. December's Drag & Drop will be replaced by our Yummy Fur gig at the Brudenell on Dec 16th. Tickets available from Claire Circuit on the night for £6 with no booking fee!

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  2. warjammydodger



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  3. circuit


    this time D&D is a licenced event. as such you do not need to be invited or RSVP on facebook in advance this time. you can still BYOB or buy it at the bar if you prefer.

    i must stress though that you will be denied entry if you do not pay the £5 entry fee on this occasion. this is because it is a licenced event with a bar and such. there are loads of extra costs involved on top of the hire fee we already pay so we need to enforce this. the BYOB element still means this is a cheap night out and the fact you can party til 4am (or later..??) hopefully makes up for the extra quid we're asking for this time. if you can't afford it for some reason and can help out on the door, bar or with decorations let me know and we can work something out.

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  4. circuit


    Anna keane wants spooky photos, drawings etc for projection on the night.. I won't give out
    her email but I'm sure you can find her on Facebook etc!
    If you have decor ideas please speak to Gwen ASAP!

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  5. circuit


    Door opens 10pm. Entry £5 fixed - no dollars, stamps, 2ps, lint etc.
    There are shitty trophies for the best costumes.
    If you bring a pumpkin it would be best to avoid setting fire to things.
    YUMMY FUR TICKETS available from me for £6, exact change pls.
    ROOM 1 (Office):
    Can bar open from 10pm. Feel free to BYOB too.
    ROOM 2: Mini horror film fest.
    Running order will be posted on the door to the room; first film will start around 10.15pm. Curated by Armley's underground independent cinema group Miniciné: http://www.minicine.org.uk
    Followed by DJs til close.
    ROOM 3 (Main room) rough running order:
    Circuit Ben 10.15pm
    D'Astro 11pm
    Runners 11.45
    DJs 12.30pm-close
    DJs this time are:
    Bob Keeler and DJ-JD (Halloween set!)
    Megadicko (Beards/Cissy)
    Kathy (Beards) and Keeby (Please/Cleckhuddersfax)
    and me if there's time left over
    We expect to close between 3-4am (GMT). If walking towards Kirkstall Road alone we recommend you grab a taxi since the river/canal area can be a bit hairy. The City Cabs and Apex ranks are within a minute's walk from the front door of the venue.

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  6. circuit


    just got confirmation on the films that minicine are showing.. first one starts around 10.15pm (running order tbc)

    Los Cronocrimenes: http://frightflicks.blogspot.com/2009/01/review-timecrimes-los-cronocrimenes.html
    Trick r' Treat: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/film/1411
    The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue: http://www.eatmybrains.com/showreview.php?id=21

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  7. Im working nights, there am gonna miss this, you lucky basterds get an extra hour aswell remember!!!!

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  8. circuit


    we seem to have raised around £200 for cops and robbers which is around 3 months' costs - thanks everyone for coming and thanks loads to the people who helped on the door/bar and with decorating. this party definitely could not have happened without your help.
    i believe anna keane lost a brown purse and jo lost a purple cord jacket - please get in touch if you picked them up by accident. there is also a camera in lost property at rock & roll circus - give them a call if it's yours.
    the next drag and drop will be on saturday january 29th and will be an extended party over two venues in one day; details to follow quite soon.

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