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  1. Hi all,

    I've spent the last week archiving the activity of Obscene Baby Auction from 2000 - 2007 on a new website: http://www.obscenebabyauction.co.uk

    It contains a list of the gigs, some flyers, an account of what and why we did what we did, but perhaps most of interest will be the digitised versions of the out of print records we released for FREE DOWNLOAD including tracks and records by

    That Fucking Tank
    Bilge Pump
    Kill Yourself
    Monster Killed by Laser
    This Aint Vegas
    The Unit Ama
    The Wow
    Grabba Grabba Tape

    and loads of others.

    I'll be continuing to update it with more photos, posters and record rips as I get chance and as they come in. If any of you have old photos, flyers - or if some kind soul fancies lending me their copy of the Brown Owl/Bilge Pump split as I don't have a copy - then please get in touch.

    Also any feedback, corrections or ideas for improvements welcome.

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  2. now with added LOT 009: That Fucking Tank's debut album 'The Day of Death by Bono Adrenalin Shock'

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  3. Kenworthy


    Just a small thing about the gig listings...

    The Wow and Ed Fitz gig on the 04/04/04 featured MKBL as Humanfly pulled out. I remember this as I had horrid flu that I got from the Lightning Bolt gig on April 1st and didn't want to play but Lev insisted we do it. I ended up going to sleep on the fire escape.

    I am sure we will all sleep easier now.

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  4. ah, nice one! much appreciated.

    Posted 7 years ago Link
  5. now it's got the Brown Owl/Bilge Pump split on it too. whoop.

    Posted 7 years ago Link

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