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    part 1 of the common place sound engineering course starts on wed 26th may 7-9pm, free and open to anyone interested in sound engineering/putting gigs on in CP. Basti was head of sound for films damned united and red riding trilogy, he's good at getting across tech stuff needed without it getting in way of art involved in engineering.. if that makes sense. email [email protected] if interested

    The purpose of this is to demonstrate a recommended procedure
    for starting up the PA system, checking and tuning it prior to a gig.
    It’s a kind of pre-flight checklist for the system.

    It will cover:
    Power up sequence
    Checking connections from mixer through to amp-racks.
    Playing music through desk and system to check all
    speakers, monitors, FX sends and returns are working as they should.
    Tuning the front of house graphic eq for a vocal mic.
    Tuning the monitor graphic for a vocal mic.
    Power down sequence.Reporting any suspected faults or maintenance required.

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  2. common place bookings


    This is now on Tuesday 22nd of June from 7pm - all welcome

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