Televised Crimewave+ Spectrals+ Trash Kit+ Wrongbot= NastEe lineup

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  1. domenico


    26th September
    SpAcEiNvAdEr Fanzine show No.2
    The Fenton Pub
    161 Woodhouse Lane,

    Televised Crimewave
    A superb dark-indie- garage group emerging from the ashes of local Leeds band Black Wire some years ago.

    Trash Kit
    Purveyors of the finest no-wave jilted lo- fi. Expect shouting, yelping, banging, handclaps and violins. For fans of Wet Dog and Finally Punk.

    We proudly present a wonderful new [and successful] project from Old Gold guitarist Louis Jones. Spectrals= dreamy fuzzed-up, beach-pop dripping in the teenage angst from the bygone era of Doo Wop and Phil Spector records.

    We recommend you get down early to see these home-made synth artists twiddle their knobs and fidget with fiddly electronics. Glorious angular wonk for fans of Holy Fuck and Nintendo‘s.

    SpAcEiNvAdEr DJs
    Playing: Punk, No-Wave, Soul and Garage and Ska and Ragga and Hip Hop and Hot choclate

    £5 Admission
    7pm Doors

    After Party at The Common Place Community Centre
    Admission £1

    JoIn thE CluB HERe:

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