GIG TONIGHT at the Brudenell SC: Slushy Guts, Difibrillators, Reth, Shoeface

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  1. Pegasus Mitchell


    At the Brudenell Social Club tonight Thursday 9th July:

    Slushy Guts, Defibrillators, Reth, Shoeface.

    Slushy Guts is Steve of Chaos Vs Cosmos and Bromancer he plays snow-capped zoomtrash and dusty hilltop heartfelt wallop pop. Steve will also have a mini stall stocked-up with his famous Chaos Vs Cosmos artwork and zines.

    as for the rest of the gig...collossal, monumental, a ferocious thunderfest, a chop churning musical mine cart ride... i wouldn't be suprised to see the floor of the brudenell to resemble the san andreas fault by the end of the evening. A fuzzy beast of a show, the musical equivalent of Big Foot!?!?!? it's gunna be a barnstormer, gosh yes.

    8pm, entry = £4, 4 grams of gold, 4 rubels. Organised by British Wildlife of Leeds.

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