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  1. Tuesday 29th September 2009

    **Please note this gig has now moved to the library, Leeds. Original tickets still valid**

    Doors 7.30pm. £7adv MOTD


    CASPIAN is a rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts a seaside town 20 minutes north of Boston. Nobody sings. Most of the time, we play very loud. Sometimes quite soft. We always try to play with heart. So far we have recorded two albums. The process is always evolving.
    Thanks for exploring it with us.

    "With crushingly pretty melodies, Thor-approved feedback, loops and guitar hooks, The Four Trees transcends post-rock cliches with meticulously crafted songcraft."

    "One of Boston's brightest new hopes. Caspian has something real to convey with the talent to pull it off."

    "A wondrously ethereal debut album... chilling beauty."

    "A record capable of transcending trends, genres, labels and often, explanation."

    "A Conceptual masterpiece. 9/10"

    "In a scene distorted by trends and imposters, Caspian continues to shine. They have attained a strong foothold in the modern instrumental scene."


    Charlies Hero's:

    The former a sprightly group of Wigan/Prestoners who despite their tender ages excel in Explosions in the Sky-esque instrumentals, and the latter ramp proceedings up a notch as Elizabeth Powell mixes bluesy PJ Harvey angst with Neil Young-like axe battering while pulling off some incredible involuntary leg spasms.


    A Century of Trees:

    Pop music through an idiosyncratic haze from newish Leeds upstarts. Both of them are FIT.

    tickets here



    Crash / Jumbo records (Leeds!) now stocked!

    Lastfm event - http://www.last.fm/event/1117878

    Facebook event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115189991345&ref=nf


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  2. please note change of venue to the library

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  3. yea mate.

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  4. isn't the latter half of that description of charlie's heroes about another band? if not it's a bit confusing.

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  5. Ben NCM


    Both of them are FIT.

    No they're not.

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  6. yes they are

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  7. Tickets selling well. Please get one as it's weeks away. Only northern date, first time in leeds etc

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  8. Next week! Advance £7 tickets still available. More on the door!

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