24/07 - Kong, Chickenhawk, Shield Your Eyes, These Monsters

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  1. Brew Presents:

    24th July - Brudenell Social Club - Leeds


    Manchester three-piece Kong’s relentless sonic assault against all things conventional and boring gathers momentum this July with the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album, Snake Magnet.
    Previous singles ‘Blood of a Dove’ and ‘Leather Penny’ blazed a trail for their unconventional sound and showcased their devastating ability to craft heavy, ferocious punk songs. These early glimpses promised much; and Snake Magnet does not disappoint. Bruising bass-lines, face-meltingly intense guitar riffs, beautifully fashioned soundscapes and hauntingly bleak and isolated vocals combine to form an album dripping with existential angst.

    Album "Snake Magnet" released on 13th July on Brew Records


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    Listening to Chickenhawk is the aural equivalent of being battered about the head and neck by a huge, feathered monolith whiles simultaneously being cosseted in gentle waves by an ocean of chicken soup. New EP released 3rd August on Brew Records.


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    Shield Your Eyes

    Shield Your Eyes began in 2006 and has Tobias Hayes (formerly of semi-popular post hardcore band Meet Me In St Louis, Shoes and Socks Off and Strobe 45,), Eddy Grimes a.k.a Henri George (Bottlenose Dolphins) and Stef Ketteringham (Strobe 45, Guns or Knives and Push to Fire)

    Together they play music of the indescribable (note: unique) punky post-hardcore loud noisy beasty guitar riffs in melodic lo-fi beautiful ways with grinding time changes. Sometimes instrumental (like post rock on LSD) sometimes not (like grown men shouting at grown men & women liking being shouted at) in 3 minute sessions of bliss.


    These Monsters

    Brutality and fervour are in equal measures as always, and musically the band's cohesion and the force of each instrumentalist individually sharpens just that bit every time. Their wild contortions never seem to meddle at all with the technically complex parts, and the fraught pace and texture benefit from an accompanying visual onslaught. These Monsters are certainly becoming an increasingly fearsome and excruciatingly impressive live prospect. Viewing is only recommended if you have a weighty piece of furniture to hide behind...........


    £5 otd
    Doors 7.30pm

    Adv Tickets available form Wegottickets.com - http://www.wegottickets.com/event/48890

    Facebook event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=97681741549


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  2. dunc


    I shall be at this one i think, Kong make me go all gooey inside.

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  3. thats a lovely lineup, Shield Your Eyes are rrrrate good!

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  4. disgusting poster now added.

    Posted 8 years ago Link
  5. zouk.

    Posted 8 years ago Link
  6. kong innit

    Posted 8 years ago Link
  7. yeah, right on brother.

    Posted 8 years ago Link
  8. next week!

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  9. hot rock tonight ya'llburgers.

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  10. Can I steal your description of Shield Your Eyes for my promotion for them please?

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  11. yea we stole it off last fm anyway

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