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domestic flooring industry invited

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    <p>NC furniture paint, PU paint, glue; 4. Other: Hardware, packaging materials.wood panels for outdoor showers Third, the payment method In accordance with the contract, the delivery of goods to pay the full amount of 83% of the balance, the balance after the reply by the tax authorities to pay (if the tax authorities no reply,composite wood real 2x4 pay the balance within 3 months). Fourth, online bidding suppliers must meet the following qualifications: 1. Must have an independent legal </p>
    <p>personality, the corresponding business scope; 2.cheap garden flooring ideas uk Must have the qualifications of the general taxpayer; 3. Product quality must meet the requirements of the tender standards; 4. Perfect after-sale service system and system; Fifth, the online bidding suppliers must fill in and provide the following qualification information: (A), the need to fill in the information online: Please friends, suppliers carefully read Yihua Wood tender,large dustbin price in malaysia according to the </p>
    <p>network Program prompted the operation, fill out the following two electronic forms: 1.which is best composite decking "online bidding suppliers basic information registration form"; 2. "200X X-Y Yue Yihua wood materials for information table" (2) ,plastic composite lumber installation You need to provide to our company your company's qualification information: Suppliers participating in online bidding upon receipt of our company's invitation, request the following qualification information: 1. Company </p>

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