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    A cane that best uses the characteristics of a wizard may be a ranged attack that's supported weapon technology, and it will simply utilize varied magic mu legend zen from an extended vary. This makes it appropriate for playacting a robust attack from behind once taking part in battle with the party.

    It is a personality that's difficult to govern originally, however the issue level of operation is any exaggerated once victimisation the weapon. If you're a wizard, you'll use a wand if you would like a fast and powerful attack.

    First of all, the "Chaos of the Chaos" may be a basic ranged talent that launches the magic sphere. it's characterised by the vary harm to the rear of the target. The 'explosive explosion' causes explosion of the fireball that the individual has inflicted, that causes an extra explosion if the enemy dies. And 'Shockwave' will drop enemies' movement speed with vary harm buy mu legend zen AN energy shock shot at a precise purpose.

    Theswordsman's "battlefield pro" has the impact of weakening the enemy by swing the energy of darkness on the weapon, separating the enemy, and pushing the target for each third attack and reducing the defense power. additionally, ' Blade of the Forward ', that penetrates the blade ahead,has a probability to ignore 10%Along with a variety of cheap mu zen on the front, the third hit deals further harm to 3 near targets.BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/Golds here now... more cheap mu legend zen from us... so come to playerhot for more game zen!

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