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unlike last season when he historically dropped

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    “That’s a part of my job, to make sure those guys can come here and be themselves,” Westbrook said. “They’re great players. My job is to make sure they’re comfortable in their spots and comfortable doing Authentic Nick Bonino Jersey things that best benefits their game. They’ll look at me and I’ll give them the look that tells them to shoot it.

    “It’s a process and a long season and we’re figuring out what works best and where guys like the ball. We’re getting a better sense of that now. We’re not worried about who shoots what and when. Whoever has it going that’s where the ball’s going. The game will tell you what to do.”

    Westbrook’s efficiency Authentic Olli Maatta Jersey is suffering as a result. He’s shooting a career-worst 39.4 percent, perhaps because he doesn’t dominate the ball as much.
    Donovan, Anthony face tall task

    This whole process starts with Thunder coach Billy Donovan. To him, this is a collaboration, which shows how much respect Donovan has for his three stars who have earned the right to audible.

    “I’ve had the most Authentic Pascal Dupuis Jersey experience with Russell with that and he has been phenomenal,” Donovan said. “There are times things he sees matchup wise he feels he can exploit and that’s fine. If Paul’s got something and has the ability to put the ball on the floor and create, I’m not going to say, ‘No, you can’t do that’ cause he’s great at it, same with Carmelo.
    Carmelo Anthony is ready for a new chapter in his career with OKC.

    “There’s a balance Authentic Patric Hornqvist Jersey to that as a coach. I don’t think you can let them do that all the time, and I also don’t think you can’t not let them do that none of the time because those guys are special players. You can’t box them into a system where their own individual talent can’t flourish.”

    Anthony finds the Thunder a refreshing change from the dysfunction he wallowed in the last few seasons with the New York Knicks. Still, it wasn’t an easy departure because Anthony, despite it all, loved playing in New York. He connected with the culture, the tabloids, the demands and the trappings -- and the city loved him back.

    But the Knicks also took the best years of his career and never leveraged that into a championship or even sustained respectability. Anthony is done blaming ex-team president Phil Jackson and the insistence on the triangle offense for those shortcomings -- although others won’t surrender so easy. His college coach and confidant, Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim, still burns.

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