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    OKLAHOMA CITY -- A comfort zone is an insular place, a safe spot meant to agree with our desires, and any departure is sure to be brief and only if necessary. And so, Russell Westbrook found himself fidgety Authentic Evgeni Malkin Jersey on a fishing boat with Paul George. This very important story about sacrifice and bro bonding starts there.

    George is at peace with a vest, tackle box and a rod. This would probably be his day job if only he could make $25 million a year reeling bass. As a kid, he became hooked on the catch-and-release almost as Authentic Ian Cole Jersey quickly as the catch-and-shoot jumper. George and his father were a duo until the neighborhood kids joined in, to the point where the son borrowed a line from “Jaws” and suggested they’re gonna need a bigger boat.

    “One reason why I love fishing with my father,” said George, “is because it’s a way to get to know one another better. Just us on a lake together.”
    Paul George's new teammates attended his fishing tournament in August.

    Westbrook is a feet-on-the-soil guy himself, who wasn’t raised in the LA suburbs like George, but inside the city where -- contrary to the NBA team he worshipped as a kid -- there are no lakes. Westbrook’s game Authentic Jake Guentzel Jersey away from the game is poker, and he is seriously good at it, according to industry types, which is odd for someone who gives anything but a stone face after one of his volcanic tomahawk dunks.

    But on this day, his first with a pole and bait, Westbrook took one for the team, for the sake of the Oklahoma City Thunder. And while he was pleasant enough company, George sized him up quickly.

    “It doesn’t fit Russ, you know?” said George. “I don’t think Russ can fake that. He’s not a fisherman. It’s just not his thing.”

    It didn’t matter. This Authentic Joe Mullen Jersey boat trip late last summer had a purpose and reason and so Westbrook was totally on board, so to speak.

    “I’ve never been fishing before so, you know, it’s always a good thing to build a team bond and figure out what other guys like to do,” Westbrook said. “Obviously Paul likes fishing, so that’s what we did. We might go again.”

    And what did you catch?

    “Nothing,” said Westbrook.

    Then the hyper-competitive Westbrook was quick to add: “He didn’t either.”
    Some assembly required

    And where was the third member of this collection of future Hall of Famers pasted together last summer to send a shiver from here to the Bay Area? Contrary to the somewhat faulty perception of the NBA’s fourth-leading active scorer, Carmelo Anthony did pass. He was busy transitioning from New York to OKC (speaking of tricky exits from one’s comfort zone).

    While the brotherhood was off to a curious start, here’s an update: Westbrook, George and Anthony are hard at work getting their act together with the Thunder, emphasis on together.

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