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Kasper Hauser, The Wub, Thank

by A.R.S.D.I.Y. | Print the article

Tuesday 30th Mayfor 3 nov eric andre vlcsnap-2013-08-23-16h15m39s14
Wharf Chambers

A.R.S.D.I.Y. and Baked Bean Wars presents:

Chorus drenched gloomy post-punk hailing from the modern capital of GOTH, Glasgow! Featuring ex-members of miserablist heroes of yore The Downs and DIVORCE and a current Current Affair, these 3 shadowplayers dance on a spangly web of heavily modulated arachnoid punk throb echoing the spiky 80s downer-pop of The Smartpils, Pink Turns Blue and The Cure, with distinctively candid lyrics that add extra venom to this sound of hearts immersed in eternal rainfall.

Boy howdy! Leeds lovelies peddling frazzled slacker jams in their scorched earth SST/Meat Puppets meets Black Sabbath meets Coloured Balls style – tarred and feathered, heatsick and ready to bounce but with enough sludgy riffs to satisfy the lowlives. Raucous rock action!

New Leeds five piece playing fucked up noise rock on the Skingraft/Load axis ala Dazzling Killmen/Arab On Radar but with a distinctly british slump and sneer reminiscent of Swell Maps – abstract dissonant guitars alongside lobotomised drumming and trenchant bass lurch set in sickly motion by caustic vocals, courtesy of certain creeps you may have seen playing in Beige Palace, Pink Rick and Irk.

+ 1 more TBC


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