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Nyogtha, The Slowest Lift, Guttersnipe

by ABSOLUTE ROEBLUNN SANJAY | Print the article

Friday 31st March16473105_10158166510160223_5092084484712778778_n
Wharf Chambers


NYOGTHA – Like a hallucinatory fusion of Sunn o))) and Dead Can Dance, the Reading duo of Tanith Griffiths and Ed Radcliffe wield a shadowy and arresting sound ablaze with cosmic ritual darkness wrought from dual guitars and vocals, plus occasional drum machine. Unfolding soundscapes of eldritch distortion and modulated doom-gaze blur in bas-relief with gothic-crooning and banshee screams atop electronic tympani.

THE SLOWEST LIFT – Todmorden/Manchester wunderkinder of drone/noise/folk dreamscapes Sophie Cooper (also of Tor Invocation Band + Leopard Leg + heaps more) and Julian Bradley (also of Vibracathedral Orchestra + The Piss Superstition) get together to forge a ghostly tapestry of earthen whirring, phantasmal resonances, sheets of textured skree and touching, hazy vocals, which stir the waters of the soul and evoke strange landscapes in the mind.

GUTTERSNIPE – Local wispy goofball duo cranking out the gaudiest cartoon rock hysteria this side of an impending aneurysm, guitar/drums/electronics/dual vocals deployed in parallel asynchronicity to disrupt, disorient and induce a flaming wiggle the likes of which only the birds know.

£5 or £4 unwaged.

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