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Sabrina Chap, Daniel versus the world, Rae Spoon with Jesus And His Judgemental Father

by gibbinsdanny | Print the article

16th April1391593_10151774124063751_1735136222_n
Wharf Chambers

Sabrina Chap is coming back to the UK again to bring us her unique and bombastically entertaining blend of piano cabaret, showomanship and queer fun time

Sabrina Chap’s got classical piano skills, the ballad heartbreak of Tom Waits, the onstage antics of Phyllis Diller and the voice of a whiskey angel. Her sets are a ragtime stompin’ good time- fulla laughs, heartbreaks, and plain good songwriting!

and Daniel Vs the world is coming up to visit us too

he just recently put out an amazing album and ive listened to it hundreds of times and its still good. emo-piano queer drama babe


and im not shitting you rae spoon and jesus and his judgemental father are gunna do a set together just for the craic

£5 plz

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