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Mangabros, Experimental Sonic Machines, Scented Poetry, Transgalactic Levitators, Tape Noise Dex, Laugh Motel

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Wharf, 23-25 Wharf Street

A ‘Weird Garden’ evening of live original sound art & a revival of Leeds’ legendary Termite Club.

8pm – 11pm

Mangabros are Craig, Paul & Johnny Manga from Doncaster. They create glitchy, lurid, visceral electronica they describe as ‘warped song narratives & broken beats’. Craig does vocals that he describes as ‘vox inhumana’, & abuses music technology, sometimes deliberately trying (& succeeding) to overload a laptop so it crashes. Paul does guitar & theremin & Johnny does percussion, samples, & cine8 warping, where 8mm film is projected & altered with marker pens & other things. Craig also does percussion with unusual items such as a metal sign & a taylor’s dummy. It’s not intended to be pleasant…they aim to put themselves & the audience through a phantasmagorical audio-visual adventure, one that lingers in the memory.

Experimental Sonic Machines is Peter K Rollings from Lincoln. He makes most his equipment from scrap materials & some are solar powered. ESM started in 2010 with abstract sounds at open mics, & has developed greatly since, now with electro-mechanical music machines playing basslines & rhythms. In his shows he metamorphoses into beings seeming to be from other worlds & times.
Scented Poetry is a performance artist from Nottingham. He combines spoken word with scents & aromas & sounds to create a multi-sensory odyssey through mysterious imaginary places & times & ideas.

Transgalactic Levitators is Ralph Spencer from Lincoln. Ralph plays his own keyboard instrumentals, influenced by a range of artists such as Tangerine Dream, & wears an extraordinary winged costume as he plays.

Tape Noise Dex is from near Lincoln. He uses synth, flute, guitar, vocals, tapes & more, to create spoken word & sounds exploring themes of economy & society & environment, & beyond these to more abstract atmospheres, emanating from his sonic novel The $ell & other works.
Laugh Motel is Dominic Carlsson from Lincoln. Dominic uses Casio keyboards, a loop pedal & other gizmos to create music that shows the influence of 80s synth pop, yet having its own unique, quirky style.

The Weird Garden concept was thought up by Dex who plays under the stagename Tape Noise. “I put the nights on to promote the Noise scene and give folk a chance to play’. It’s to do with his ‘The $ell’ story – hence the idea of Weird Garden, non-commercial plants and flora. This is a ‘Weird Garden On Tour’ event: they usually take place at Decimal Place, a gallery in Lincoln. The next Weird Gardens there are 4 & 12 November 2016.

The Termite Club was started in the early Eighties by guitarist Paul Buckton and saxophonist Alan Wilkinson. Leeds drummer Paul Hession joined later. These 3 were young stars on the UK jazz/improv circuit and remain important figures in it. The Termite Club began to incorporate noise and conceptual performance art early on, & these genres began to dominate from the Noughties until the Club petered out towards the end of 2008. The Termite Club visited most of the DIY venues in Leeds (The Fenton, Brudenell Social Club, Packhorse, Cardigan Arms & others), put on an annual festival and brought unconventional, mostly improvised music to Leeds over its 25 years existence.

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