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Cops and Robbers exists as a voluntary run and not-for-profit ...

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L’ocelle Mare, Sam Mcloughlin, Melanie O’Dubhshlaine, Arbre

l'ocelle_poster_finalWednesday February 10th
Wharf Chambers, 8pm, £6/4 unwaged

Cops and Robbers presents

Solo project/instrumental organism of Thomas Bonvalet, from Southern France via Spain. His live performances are mind-blowing stuff filled with wild eyed energy. Experimental, elemental song-pieces summoned up from strange combinations of banjo, tuning forks, harmonica reeds, shoe stomping blocks, metronomes and a host of other amplified and acoustic sources.


Instrument-builder, sound-machine creator from the borderlands between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Sort-of-songs and compositions deftly formed with percussive gizmos, home-made harps, repurposed household objects, warbling synth-lines and controlled feedback.

Out-there electronics, alien synth melodies and fx deformed vocalisations from one half of Ashtray Navigations. Synthetic instruments (electronic clarinet?) squirting out space tones, blaps of unexpected noise and machine drum scramble.

ARBRE (France/Liverpool)
Acoustic guitar compositions and finger-plucked ditties bent out of shape by a host of bizzaro effects manipulations, whirrs, whistles, chirping synths and waves of noise fizzz.

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