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Manuel Mota, Neil Davidson, Bennett/Murray/Vulliamy Trio

by thefamilyelan | Print the article

manuel-mota21st September
1in12 club cafe

As an aid to digestion after the regular Saturday cafe (which starts around 1pm) the 1in12 will be hosting an afternoon of improvised music. Starts at 5pm and will be finished by 8pm in time for ‘Emily’s leaving do’ downstairs (which also features bands). It’s £3 in, cake, coffee, teas, beer all available on request.

Manuel Mota

Born in 1970 and based in Lisbon, Manuel Mota has a very direct and personal language in guitar playing. His music is part of a tradition rooted in blues and reveals a wide range of influences and historical references; at the same time immediate and timeless. Playing in public since 1990, he studied and experimented with prepared guitar creating drone-related pieces. Since around 1997 he shifted focus to developing his finger-style guitar work. This remains his main focus of activity. His artistic activity has been mostly confined to the underground, lo fi world reflecting a core aspect of his work; its unadorned directness and simplicity of means.  He founded the record label “Headlights” in 1998 and almost exclusively releases his work there, his latest LP “untitled” was released in 2011. A 5CD box of his solo recordings was also released on Dromos Records this year.

Neil Davidson

An almost melodic digression from the Glasgow based guitarist, also of Asparagus Piss Raindrop and With Lumps,  which toys with an intimate romantic sound. But the aim is to undermine the romantic form; fragment it, turn it back on itself, repeat its parts mechanically and deny the form any fulfilment in resolution; the gestures becoming more like an acts of repair rather than moments of invention (which is useful as I was just told that his stairs broke).

Bennett/Murray/Vulliamy Trio

Bradford based improvising super group, consisting of double bass, viola, and trombone, perhaps with the addition of small children.

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