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Stuart Bannister, Kieron Piercy, Kevin Sanders, Andrew Forknell

Saturday 27th November, 8pm
The Common Place

As the ‘coalition’ government’s economic shock therapy starts to bite, join us for a night of experimental performances, cut up films, live noise and unique collaborations along with “DJ’s” playing industrial, electro, trash, riot grrrrl, punk, dark 80’s tunes for you to dance and drink all night.

Featuring: A noisy collaboration between Stuart Bannister, Chris Hall and special guest George Osborne.
Kieron Piercy’s live analogue tape recording and live cut up.
Unique collaboration between Kev Sanders and Andrew Forknell involving Elequently Dumb clarient and Violin squarks squeaks and skronks.
‘Digital Marlene’ analogue meets digital and back again as Marlene is resurrected for one night only! More to be confirmed…

From 11pm onwards will have DJ sets and visuals from Chris Cox, Ueno, LadyViola and others.
A night of trash, fun and awareness with visuals, not to be missed!

£2 Members/ £3 guests of members.
Doors: 8pm- til late.
Dress code: mauvais chic, mauvais genre, cheapsters, glitters and wigs.


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is NFP Leeds-based experimental film collective (founded 2006)! Workshops, information resource and screenings... super 8/standard 8/16mm/video/visuals/performance
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