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Men Only, Trapdoor Minotaur, 2010

by bradleybradley | Print the article

The Cardigan Arms, Friday 3rd December, 8.30 pm, £2

JOIN US as we celebrate the run-up to Christmas with an extremely cheap and extremely FUN gig.

MEN ONLY: Men Only were formed on the basis that all the members were men, and that the only living organisms able to hear their music were also men. All gigs are for Men Only and any females discovered near the band or their music will be executed. Pete and Al were required to extend their penises by 3.2 inches in order to become more manly and Clare did stuff to its privates. All instruments used are male and all female dust mites and insects were evacuated from the building during rehearsals and recording. All we ever do is press-ups and steriods and drink protein shakes and look at women in a derogatory way and shout abuse at them for fun. Sometimes we break away from taking testosterone supplements to make incredibly masculine music, but this is rare.


Celebrating the recent-ish release of their 15-minute album opus Attack! Attack! TRAPDOOR MINOTAUR will be making your faces smile and your bodies dance with their unique mix of tunes, shouting, more tunes, fun, and drums that sound like ‘an octopus falling out of a tree’.


Featuring ‘concentratey face’ Toby and Nash (from Runners, Tigers! Cowtown and 36295 other bands) 2010 will be mashing your head with electronic drum beats, space noise, and frowning at one another intensely. This band are SO NEW, they don’t even have a bloody MySpace.

This gig is £2 in. YOU CAN’T SAY FAIRER THAN THAT.

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  1. 2

    Mucky Sailor just confirmed to also play this.

    There will also be Tweak Birds style ‘riffage’ courtesy of Dave (ex- Monsters Killed By Lazer) and Nash (Cowtown etc.) Do not be put off by the fact this band was started for a bet.

    5 bands for £2, you lot don’t know you’re born, etc. x

    14 Oct

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