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Charogne Stone, Mr Marcaille, Eric Bana

by abacus | Print the article

12th November 2010 at The Basement, York
Doors 7.30pm, £4 tax

North Yorks bands combine with two French bands, crossing the Channel to bring you some of the meatiest slabs of audio-beef you could wish to sink your ears into.

Eric Bana from Harrogate play hardcore punk rock and roll, featuring members of General Waste and Fuck With Fire. Time for a hoedown, this’ll knock the proverbial socks off your feet.

Monsieur Marcaille is a one-man metal-machine spewing out classic-rock and thrash-metal ditties using that most iconic of rock’s instruments… the cello. Truly a sight to behold, Mr Marcaille will leave you feeling like you never need see a regular metal band again.

Charogne Stone (Boum Coeur Records) is a different ball-game altogether. One minute blasts of hardcore fury dispatched at a rate seemingly incapable for just one man. Unrelenting, highly skilled and underpinned with a healthy dose of joie de vivre, Charogne Stone brings his very different take on punk to York.

Plus one more band to added!


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