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The Love Triangle, Blood Crips, The Sceptres, Twisted

Weirdo Guise and Own Noise present…

Monday 6th September at The Packhorse.

The Love Triangle – The Shitty Limits are prtty much the best punk / garage / hardcore / rock’n’roll group this country has had to offer in recent years. The Love Triangle are a trio and 2 of them are Shitty Limiters, meaning this group’ll knock your head off. Jamming a more Power Pop sound to the Shitty Limits.

Blood Crips – Leeds is a well rocking place. This is one of the most rocking bands Leeds has to offer – of the good time, not aggro variety. Members play in / have played in The Uprights / Broken Arm / Real Losers / Sailors. Banging garage punk with the occasional Meat Puppetsy twist.

The Sceptres – Again featuring members of the Shitty Limits. Female fronted punk rock that wouldn’t have seemed outta place on Dangerhouse back in 78-80 LA. This is the group that blew Finally Punk off stage at the Packhorse bag in July 2009. Come and dig again.

Twisted –A whole set of solid songs and ever building momentum, this’ll prick yer ears up from the get go. There’s four of them backing the overly agitated frontman now and with them being just fresh off tour, these boys will be in the fucking zone. Third vinyl record out imminently on Art For Blind. These youngsters are definitely getting something right.


Four Pounds. 8.00pm sharp!

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