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James Ferraro, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Sir Michael Flower

by luke v | Print the article

james ferraro- One half of the skaters james has released an insane amount of cdr’s cassettes and records on his own new age imprint. with a unique cracked worldview his sounds and visions take in surreal american hamburger culture references and are produced in a no fi straight to tape manner. from disturbing futurist atmospheres to lush psychadelic synth float to rad soundtracks to dusty half remembered 80’s vhs movies

Monopoly child star searchers- Spencer clarke is the other half of the skaters who like james has left a vast amount of cassettes and cdr’s in his path on his pacific city label. Spencer’s music always has me imagining i’ve landed in a tropical forest i’ve licked the belly of a bright orange frog my vision is hazy and and spencer’s tropical voodoo is the soundtrack, with overlapping percussion ,birdcalls ,whistle and keyboard runs made more disorientating by sudden shifts in pace

sir michael flower- of vibracathedral orchestra and flower/corsano duo sir michael is perhaps the finest long hair wielding an axe or an indian stringed thingy in west yorkshire hell maybe ALL OF YORKSHIRE….

Andy Jarvis- Used to run the sadly defunct firstperson lable documenting left field sounds in lovely 3″ cdr’s but has been doing his own thing for some time i’ve heard lush pastoral steel stringed excursions and minimal synthesiser work, he’s jammed with ashtray navigations ,ben reynolds, his sister and a whole bunch of other folk but I don’t think he’s ever played solo before!!

With live film projection

saturday the 12th of june
the cardigan arms kirkstall road leeds

doors 8pm
£6 entry

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