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cops and robbers podcast – episode three

by copsandrobbers | Print the article

Chinchillafest special with Circuit, Dicko, DRC, Hilary and Jon Nash. There is an interview with Beards, and we play quite a lot of bands who will be playing on the 15, 16 and 17 of May at the Brudenell and at other gigs this month: Gay Against You, Broken Arm, New Bloods, Eats Tapes, Monster Killed By Laser, Pifco, a.p.a.t.t, Ghost Fleet, Fangs, Melt Banana, Printed Circuit etc; this is your first chance to hear some of the Bilge Pump covers from the Chinchilla CD, and also a brand new Quack Quack song.

It’s a bit quiet again unfortunately, but if you right-click on the track in Itunes, choose ‘Get info’, ‘Options’ and pump up the volume adjustment, it should be a lot better.



As an alternative to listening on this page, if you subscribe in iTunes you’ll automatically get future episodes downloaded to your PC when they are available. If you have an iPod, they’ll get transferred onto it automagically.
Click here: www.itunes.com/podcast?id=276625540

If you would like to be involved in the future, email [email protected] and tell us. If you are in a band or are promoting a sweet show, send us mp3s and we will include them in the next one, due on the first weekend of June.

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