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Moha, Trio VD, Spoils and Relics

by British Wildlife | Print the article

Moha!, Trio VD, Spoils & Relics friday 13th June The Royal Park Cellars

MoHa! play somewhat loud music influenced by incredibly varied sources; from early electronic music to post avant rock bla. MoHa! are currently working on a new album with a more developed sound and a new found love for calypso structures. Some say the Norwegian duo MoHa! deal in sonic splatter, in a brew of improvisation, noise, computer music and probably some more. Others say it is reminiscent of the conversation your mate has at you on the weekend in a club when he’s had too much to drink and is telling you how great everything is at 100mph. Only instead of your mate it is actually R2D2, which leads you to believe maybe that someone did put something in your drink. In any case it is the work of two talented young men from Norway currently residing in Berlin. Anders Hana on guitar, obsolete electronics and a pallete of effect pedals, and Morten J. Olsen on drums and processed drums triggering a multitude of noises from each skin and cymbal. Formed as a live project, their shows are a challenge to describe, and very hard to categorize. A broad spectrum of sounds and silences. Two sides both compliment and confront each other, with sharp and mechanical movements on one, free flowing and unconstrained gestures on the other. Amongst their tightly synchronized riffs that seem impossibly mathematical and precise, there exists a looseness and nonchalance that stand MoHa! out as a band to watch out for. members of Ultralid, Jaga Jazzist & Noxagt. doors at 8pm advance tickets £5 available from Jumbo records soon, £6otd

support comes from LIMA gurus Trio VD & Spoils & Relics. hope to see you there!

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