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Pifco, Cissy, Kill Manticore, Rampant Rabbit

by British Wildlife | Print the article

wednesday 23rd april the packhorse, 8pm, £3
Rampant Rabbit
Kill Manticore

This very special fortieth British Wildlife gig contains four mazin’ bands from the leeds! Shitloads of party rings hanging from the rafters for all attendees! +free cuzzer too! (curry)
lineup to be drawn from hat so get down early!

Cissy makes sweet chunks of post-funk chocolate! polyrhythmic, melodic drums! angular guitar with big hooks! soulful pop from hammond b4 keys! dirty afrobeat bass hooks all up in you! claves and cowbells bring the tok, tok, klak klak! cissy is katie moore, mathew dixon, gavin montgomery and matt woodward. Out of a love for classic funk, afrobeat, krautrock and the NY no wave and punk-funk movements of the 1970s. that idea became a band called Cissy. party-time call and response is their favourite game and now they aim to make it yours!

Pifco use drums, guitar, a big old keyboard and some shouting to create a melodic and increasingly danceable racket. A two-piece featuring members of Cowtown and D’astro, they have toured with Bilge Pump. Check out their shiny yellow cassette (in immaculate homemade box) on Chinchillatone records or their forthcoming Run Of The Mill cd.

Rampant Rabbit are yet another Leeds band consisting of Luke James Webb, Henry Myers & Adam Nodwell. Two thirds originating from Tunbridge Wells & one third Bletchley. One filthy mother of a band! Expect a loud grooved up dueling bass (yes two basses) sexplosion with lyrics about ice road truckers, not being able to write lyrics & heavy distorted riffs, alt country breakdowns & nasty time changes. plus a few new songs! www.myspace.com/rampantrabbitsafe

The manticore arises from the ashes to conquer the underworld. 3 brave soldiers step out onto the battlefield to slay the beast with post apocalyptic grunge, punk psycho pop & indie. www.myspace.com/killmanticore

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is I was born In January 2006, when a young man stumbled upon me (at this point I was inside my magical shell, he kicked me against a time tree, the rest is history.
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